Top 4 Free Traffic Sources Ever

by Malka Maxwell(re-print)

A few years ago, when I wrote and published my book I had known that I needed traffic to get the information regarding my ebook out to the masses. What is called web2.0 or user generated content sites were just starting to crop up, places such as Facebook, Myspace, Yahoo Answers and the like became the places to go.

By using those sites and other techniques it was very easy to generate twenty five pages of relevant information regarding me and my brand. Relevant information to me is anything that allows anyone doing research about what I think, and how I do business to be able to see  blog posts, articles, forums and even charity events, and political events that I felt were near and dear to my heart.

Since then, these type of sites have increased by almost no exaggeration, one hundred fold! You have tons of coupon companies, more ways to access ebooks, new device creations to make our computers and the handy information portable and more.

Over the last year or so, of doing search engine marketing as a service to others I have encountered many business owners who felt that word of mouth was good enough for them, and that even though they have a website and a Facebook page, their web designers told them that the marketing element is of no value. My opinion is this, I respect that belief however, I also believe to stay in the fore front of all of this madness you have to be able to get new and constant traffic.

As a service I actually use the same basic blueprint I used years ago (obviously with some more current website and directory lists) to continue to generate that free traffic.

The top 4 free traffic sources are

1. Blogs. Using blogs, and telling people about what you know is one of the free traffic sources. Once you put an RSS feed, and join either a ring of blogs, or advertise you actual posts, you will get traffic. Using a blog can generate a lot of traffic. But remember the goal of traffic is not only to have people read what you say, but also to help you make money. That is done by purchasing from your store, purchasing your service, joining your affiliate program or clicking on links within the blog.
2. Good use of Bio Box in articles and blog posts. When you read articles in print newspapers and magazines as well as the online articles and blog posts, most authors put information at the bottom of the article. This information at the bottom of the article is an author bio. By using the bio (short for biography) box to let the reader know of your website, blog, newsletter or anything of interest that you have to offer.
3. Article use. Articles are a great way to get traffic because for the most part, they stay online for what seems to be forever. This makes searching for the topic of what you have written come up in a search. In addition you are able to brand yourself as an expert, and the final advantage of using articles is that the article directories have high PR (page ranking) having those links back at you will help traffic and the quality of referring traffic to your website.
4. Use high traffic blogs. You can contribute to the content on a high traffic blog by commenting and linking back to your own website and or blog.

Getting traffic to your website is a physically challenging but essential thing to do. Traffic is key just like in a physical store or office. If no one is stopping by, then a new plan has to be put into place to get prospects and customers into your business.

Malka Maxwell is an author, and writer creating a path for local business to learn and use SEO.


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