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By Malka Maxwell (reprint from 10/30/2010)

When creating a local search you will need to be familiar with what search terms are being utilized to find your business. If you have a website already this part is already complete. Use the keywords or their synonyms to tag your local listings.

Local listings can best be described as “your business name + your city”. And “your keywords + you city”. So, for instance if you are a ice cream shop located in Queens New York you would place your business in websites that have local listings for your city, in this case “Queens”.

The most common places to list your business is obviously in Google maps/Google Places. The process of getting into Google Places can be a bit complicated but once you get the hang of it, it becomes easier. Their process requires a telephone validation process and or a mail validation process which can take up to six weeks. This process is applicable to physical locations (usually).

Congratulate yourself, you are on the map, now move on to other places.

A great way to get your local listing high in the search engine rankings is to use interactive websites. These websites allow customers to leave reviews of your product and or service.

The more often your customers leave reviews, the more fresh you will be in the search engines (in addition to the other methods that are being used to move you up in the search).

Remember, the real underlying goal for marketing on line in the search engines is to create a base for your brand to grow on.

That is accomplished by feeding news, new articles,new reviews, new tweets etc to the search engines WITHOUT spamming them. The more content or information that is relevant to your particular website that is “out there” the more the human and machine eyes (other wise known a search engines) will say you are the top authority which gets translated as top ranking in search engines.

(c) Malka Maxwell
Malka Maxwell is an author an publisher. Ms Maxwell’s SEO Consultancy offers service to New York, tri-state area and internationally. Read about SEO techniques, or hire her to do it for you


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